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Let's Get Hammered!

Rock hammering services

Excavation, sitework, or construction in general can be FULL of surprises when digging all kinds of land. Imagine, the crew is set up, excavation begins for lets say a new garage for a beautiful new home in Weston, MA when BAM SURPRISE! you uncovered massive boulders or ledge. This tends to be an unfortunate find because when encountered, it adds more work, causes delays, and increase the cost for both the contractor and the client/customer.

Gorilla Hammers used for breaking rock, splitting rock, ledge, and overall rock hammering services
Our brand new GXS120 Gorilla Hammer

In addition to the frustration, if the contractor doesn't have the tools then comes the task of finding rental companies (which are not cheap), and compare prices to ensure the project stays within budget. Knowing this frustration which amplified in our recent projects, we invested in our two newest assets!

Hammer, Excavator, & Operator

Therefore, with this and many other examples of experiencing "rock" incidents we would like to extend a hand out to our excavation/construction counterparts to get "hammered" with us!!! We gladly are offering companies/contractors use of our Gorilla GXS120 Hammer with our brand new 35k lb excavator (including the bucket) with experienced operator included!! For whatever the "rocky" surprise may be, we be glad to work out pricing based on your specific needs and budget.

Excavator with Hammer attachment for rock splitting, rock hammering, boulder or ledge breaking.
Our Sany SY155U Excavator with Hammer Attachment

Call us!!! and get HAMMERED!

So what are you waiting for?? If you encountered the need call us and let's get hammered!!! (I mean we can do THAT too, but you're buying the first round of drinks). Contact Andrew: (978) 580 8432 (cell) or Luis: (978) 649 4041 or via email (provided at bottom of the contact us page below).

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