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What we offer! Services & Beyond!

Excavation, Septic Installs, Drainage, Sitework, & More!

Sure, excavation companies or contractors tend to place this image of people working long hours, covered in dirt, followed by body aches, and some who curse more than an Irish sailor. We see countless of utility trucks on the backroads and on the highways advertising construction services for residential and commercial purposes. What sets Marsh X Development apart is the continued customer focused model with a contemporary family oriented business structure with 15+ years of experience on the field, industry/trade knowledge, and maximized operation efficiency.


Let's start with our #1 SERVICE! Excavation & sitework which entails all kinds of subcategories! We provide site preparation, digging/land clearing, foundation layouts and preparations, open trenches for multiple purposes such as installing underground utilities (electric/water/sewer). These are a must for developments, additions, and other projects. Also, we provide topsoil removal, major grading or resloping, and well anything that involves dirt. We just love to show up at home at the end of the day and make our significant other ANGRY for mudding up the house!!!

Excavation, Sitework, Groundbreaking preparation for residential developments in Concord, MA
Excavation/sitework services in Concord, MA (January, 2023)

Septic Tank Install & Repairs

Septic tank systems are another important part for all of our sake be blunt....we all need a place to house all of our shi........WASTE! (sorry working with the industry makes it difficult not to swear). But in residential areas that require septic systems, there are a million things that can go wrong with your septic or you may be developing a house from scratch. Either way you may need a septic tank install/repair and we have a vast amount of experience and great trade knowledge. For all your septic needs, Marsh X Development is here to ensure high quality work, and system durability at competitive pricing. Regardless we take pride in providing exceptional septic tank install services, so call Marsh X where "housing your WASTE is our bread and butter!"

Septic tank installation for new residential property in Littleton, MA. Company also provides septic tank repairs.
New Septic Tank Install for new residential development in Littleton, MA

Landscape Construction

Recently, landscape construction has been a service that we have initiated focus on since another part of developing projects is experiencing the beauty of enhanced land or functionality of outdoor spaces. We like to focus on outdoor improvements such as stone patios, pool decks, backyard designs, stone veneers, fire pits and retaining walls. This year we hope to increase the amount of landscape construction services and create a gorgeous portfolio of unique designs for residential/commercial structures.

Stone veneer and retaining wall install for residential development construction project. Includes grading, earth moving, and excavation
Completed Retaining Wall & Stone Veneer - Littleton, MA (2021)

Conclusion/Other Services

In the process we also provide drainage installations, underground utilities, water & sewer lines, and indoor home renovations! We just take pride in our work and the greatest feeling we can have is that of witnessing a satisfied customer with their forever home!

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