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Holiday/New Year Expectations

Company Culture & Happy Employees

One thing that is clear for businesses small & large, is the challenges of employee retention, motivation, productivity, and engagement. It takes more than just a decent salary or basic benefits to completely incorporate an entire team to invest above and beyond on the company's objectives. As we wrap up 2022 our company experienced incredible growth resulting in additional employee hiring despite the economic challenges of inflation worldwide. Thus, we are initiating important changes to our company's organizational culture in the effort to transform our purpose and improve employee satisfaction.

That being said, today (December 16th) we will be hosting our very first Christmas/Holiday party filled with incentives, food, drinks, games, karaoke, and gift giving for our employees and their families. It was through their hard work and dedication that allowed us to witness significant economic growth. So what a perfect opportunity to show them the outmost appreciation. We will be posting exciting stories on our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM accounts so check it out and witness the beginning of our company culture!

Company Culture Improves Employee Retention

One of the most noticeable benefits of implementing the proper company culture is the tremendous impact it has on employee retention. For example, a culture that focuses on implicating value and respect to their employees diminishes the likelihood of them leaving which reduces turnover, saving the company resources and time which are valuable for profitability (Indeed, 2022).

Company Culture Transforms Productivity

Comparatively, a strong organizational culture creates the guide for employee improvement in productivity. Precisely, a culture that embodies community within workplace structures retains top performers in conjunction with increasing productivity among team members of indistinguishable skillsets (Indeed, 2022). Any individual in business management knows the importance of productivity and the effect it has on the company's bottom line

Conclusion & Expectation

Throughout this blog we will be posting updates on our company culture as it evolves in 2023 including tips to assist other small business owners design their organizational culture with essential factors such as employee benefits, enhanced salaries, workplace respect, project value, tangible & intangible incentives, and motivational tactics.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & a prosperous New Year.


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